Marketing research

Market Research is a vital part of any marketing audit. Without research:

  1. How do you know what your competitors are doing?
  2. Where to find your customers or clients?
  3. Or ascertain whether there are any internal issues within your company which might be affecting sales performance?

Once this knowledge is gained, your marketing strategy can be developed using the information from the Market Research. This will lead to a strategy which works to your strengths, minimizes your weaknesses and risks and makes the most of your resources.

Market Research helps you to identify competitive advantage.  It can highlight the key messages to your target audience in a way that is meaningful to them.

Sonrons Marketing provides valuable information to help you develop your marketing, communications or new products strategies. The Market Research team has experience of:

  1. Conducting direct market research interviews both in the Latvia, Eastern Europe and internationally in over 20 countries, using telephone market research interviews and face-to-face market research interviews
  2. Online research and online surveys, useful in capturing volume and statistical market research information
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys
  4. Post audit surveys for accountants and professional firms
  5. Market and industry analyses
  6. Brand analysis
  7. Focus groups
  8. Qualitative research
  9. Quantitative research
  10. Desk research and secondary market research
  11. Formal research
  12. Mystery shopping
  13. Competitor analysis
  14. Employee surveys
  15. Website analysis and usability studies

Results and reporting are provided in a clear format with presentations and recommendations as relevant.  The team of marketing professionals can help you to identify how to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks highlighted from any market research.


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